Douglas Nicol. Partner The Works

The advertising industry rightfully prides itself in its ability to change attitudes and influence behaviour, it's why brands pay Advertising Agencies significant amounts of money. At it's best our industry positively influences culture, but sometimes there are unintended consequences.

Our track record on setting the norms for what healthy and beautiful looks like over the decades is mixed. Happily, we have started to address some of our failures with the better portrayal of body shape and introducing greater casting diversity.

When I read this extraordinary book, the revelation was clear. We often portray healthy skin as tanned skin and tell stories where sun exposure is celebrated.  Anne’s personal story as so beautifully told in this book, must be a seminal moment for us. Brands and their advertising agencies must take the opportunity to be a positive force for change in the way Australia thinks about the dangers of living in a sunburnt country.



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