Prof Tanya Buchanan. CEO Cancer Council Australia

Anne’s book lays bare the challenge of addressing Australia’s love affair with a tan. Skin cancer is our national cancer with one Australian dying from skin cancer every six hours. Anne speaks candidly about her personal shame of being diagnosed with a preventable cancer, and she is 100% correct in calling for Australia to start addressing skin cancer not as a ME problem but a WE problem.

It is beyond time that Australia started a conversation about changing our cultural norms around tanning. Our research at Cancer Council shows that in 2023, young Australians are still pursuing a tan in the name of beauty and that media, brands and social influencers drive the idea that a tan is desirable. Stories like Anne’s and campaigns like the Cancer Council/Australian Government End the Trend initiative which is actively challenging social norms are vital to making skin cancer prevention something we all act on. Anne’s clarion call is to make sun protection our new norm and her book demonstrates this with great effect, particularly with regard to our sporting environments, further illustrating that skin cancer prevention is not only a matter of personal responsibility.

Anne is an incredible ambassador for skin cancer prevention and treatment. Her book speaks to her resilience and strength as a Stage IV melanoma survivor and her passion for changing the narrative around our love affair with a tan. Skin cancer prevention is a We responsibility, and Anne’s book shines a light on the need for media and sporting bodies to embrace and promote sun safety as our new cultural norm.

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