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Sunburnt is a compelling story of a brave woman who overcame a stage 4 melanoma diagnosis.  Not satisfied with this, Anne has now written a book that is essential reading for every Australian that likes to spend time in the sun.  


As a stage 2 melanoma survivor, I know first-hand how confronting this form of cancer is.  At the same time, I know how most Australians and almost every young person loves to spend time in the sun. Being tanned is attractive we are told.  “You’re too pasty” is all too often used to encourage Australians to sun bake.


Anne has used her experiences to hopefully convince us to do something about this mindset.  Too many Aussies have died, too many young people are ignorant of the impacts of sun exposure and too many of our decision makers in our national sporting organisations aren’t doing enough to educate their members.  


Young people have a sense of invincibility. Me included.  At 18 years of age I won Commonwealth Games Gold in the 1500m freestyle and at 19 years of age I won the 400m freestyle at the World Swimming Championships.  I’ve won many Australian Surf Life Saving gold medals. I thought I was invincible but at 18 years of age, melanoma got me.  Nobody is invincible.  


Growing up in the swimming and surf life saving community, I believe more needs to be done to educate Australians of all ages but particularly young Australians.  


Anne’s book is an inspiring story of someone who grew up in this environment, overcame melanoma and now has the courage of her convictions to ask Australians to think carefully about their love affair with the sun. “


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