Robyn Mitchell. Proofreader The Final Flourish

I have to let you know that your manuscript (or book as it will be) has certainly had an impact on me. Last weekend I went to Bright to support my friends who participated in the Spartan event there. It was a beautiful summer day, hot in the sun but perfect in the shade of the trees. I couldn't help but notice there was only one marquee in the middle of the huge oval and people were packed like sardines right to the edges trying to stay in the shade. There was easily plenty of room for more tents, but they were not provided and many people (like us) were sitting a long way back so we could be under a shady tree. 
I also noticed one container of sunscreen at the registration desk, but no sign to encourage people to use it, or any indication so people would even know it was there.
I'm sure I wouldn't have thought twice about these things before reading your manuscript, but now I'm on high alert. 
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